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A Much Needed Update

Hi Everyone! We are so sorry to have been MIA for so long! This semester has been great for the garden. We ended the summer producing and donating over 1,200 pounds of food to Miriam’s Kitchen. We also kicked off the school year with a huge party thrown by Nature’s Path Cereal to celebrate the award they gave us last school year.

Check out the cool things we did at our party!

grow gw 105

We raffled off some wonderful produce

grow gw 147

We painted pots and planted herbs…Grow-Garden-Party_UP_WLA_2012-5074

Jesse, the President of the Food Justice Alliance this semester, spoke about the importance of the garden.

We taught people about worm compostingGrow-Garden-Party_UP_JMC_2012-2987

grow gw 137 grow gw 318

The University Chef, Chef Rob, made some delicious samples out of our produce.


Grow-Garden-Party_UP_JMC_2012-3013 Grow-Garden-Party_UP_WLA_2012-5173

And most importantly, people toured our beautiful garden!Grow-Garden-Party_UP_JMC_2012-3069 Grow-Garden-Party_UP_JMC_2012-3070 grow gw 46 grow gw 299

grow gw 86 grow gw 84 grow gw 295 grow gw 308

Stay in tune for more current updates about the garden and the Food Justice Alliance!grow gw 343


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