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And while I was away..

Only a few days before Julia’s return, I took a last minute trip home, leaving the garden alone for the days in between. I was somewhat terrified that the heat would shrivel up the garden instantly in the few days of neglect. Yet, when I entered the garden on Tuesday morning, the ripe tomatoes, huge sunflowers, massive okra, endless amounts of bush beans, bell peppers and overall beauty further proved either the impressiveness of plants to withstand the elements on their own or Julia’s amazing capabilities to nurse a dying garden back to life in only a few days. Well, the garden wasn’t dying, but without the immediate love and care upon her return, it probably would have gotten there.

After snacking my way through weeding the tomatoes (for the first time this summer…) I harvested the rest of the ripe cherry tomatoes.

Then I realized that the peppers were huge! Well most of them, except for the numerous babies that seemed to be rotting… Yet, even with our little mistake of leaving the peppers on too long, we still harvested over 8 pound of bell peppers!

Two and a half pounds of okra..

And a few pounds of bush beans..


Not that my legs are of impressive length..

but check out the size of this cucumber!


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Read all about us in GW Today!

Don’t forget to sign up to volunteer by contacting us at foodjusticealliance@gmail.com!

Thank you!

Volunteers donate food to Miriam’s Kitchen.

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This past week was a week of volunteers in the GroW Garden. We had members of the GW community as well as the surrounding Foggy Bottom community to help water, weed, and harvest. What was on the menu this week?

Volunteers from the GW and Foggy Bottom community help harvest peppers.

Kale, Chard, Hot Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Lettuce, Zucchini, Squash, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Dill, Sage, and (for the first time this season!) Bush Beans!

First harvest of Bush Beans this season!

Massive zucchini

Sweet peppers

One of the highlights this week was our delicious cherry tomatoes straight off the vine…yummy!


Emma, a member of GW’s Food Justice Alliance, shows off the tomatoes she helped plant.

yummy tomatoes!

After we harvested over 40 pounds of food, we walked over to Miriam’s Kitchen to drop off the produce. Miriam’s will use the food to feed over 200 chronically homeless people over the next couple of days.

Some of the harvest: beets, herbs, and peppers

Volunteers drop off produce at Miriam’s Kitchen.

John, a chef at Miriam’s sorts out the new produce.

We love our volunteers!

funny cucumber mustache

Mary, a regular volunteer and member of the Foggy Bottom community smiles for the camera!

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While I was away…

So last week I took a vacation. I went home to go to a good old family reunion and left the garden in Haley’s very capable hands. Though I completely trust Haley, I was slightly nervous about what the garden would look like when I returned. Would it be full of weeds? Infested with a new pest? NOPE. When I arrived, I was more than pleasantly surprised. The Garden is thriving more than ever.


Today I started harvesting some Chard and Kale to bring to Miriam’s Kitchen and was amazed to find that the leaves of both were massive. One chard leaf was even the size of my face!



Overall, we harvested 14 pounds of chard and kale, a new record for our garden!


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Garden Tour



Fig Tree


Sweet Peppers










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We are the GroW Garden, an urban farm on the George Washington University campus in Foggy Bottom Washington, DC. Our garden is run by our several loving volunteers in the Food Justice Alliance student organization, GW students and staff, and community members. Through their service, our volunteers develop a more personal connection with the production of the food that nourishes their bodies. The produce from our 3,600 square feet farm is donated to Miriam’s Kitchen. Miriam’s Kitchen is a local soup kitchen about a block from the garden that helps to alleviate chronic homelessness in DC and provides their patrons with enriching activities and healthy foods. Like Miriam’s, we are concerned with the modern American food system, and our urban farm showcases that local, organic, and fresh foods can viably be integrated into the lifestyle of city dwellers.

We are Haley and Julia. Nice to meet you! This summer we are interning as the GroW Garden Managers, and we plan to share some dirt about our garden with you (as well some great gardening jokes). Though we have been volunteering at the garden and have some childhood backyard gardening experiences, we’re pretty new at this. Bear with us as our gardening skills grow with our produce…. hopefully…

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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